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Prakriti (Nature)

I am the nurturer of the cosmos,
pleasant part of the cosmo.
role behind your existence,
aura of emerald essence.

beauty in every scenery,
applauds for every serenity.
the enchanting emotions of purity,
it is I who shares the positivity.

A Mother? so-called by many,
who's tortured by her own family.
the untouched part of technology,
a topic of amaze and serendipity.

I share my love with everyone,
never have I hurt anyone.
though when your greed grows higher,
I balance the situations through disasters.

every being on this planet,
is a creation that I have created.
evolved together everyone's related,
any harm done to even single one,
causes the whole system to be affected.

(Dedicated to my sister PRAKRITI on her birthday)

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